February 22, 2018

School Age Program

Our school age program offers before and after school childcare.  This fun, safe environment provides a time for your child to relax and socialize before and after their day at school.

Before School

Students are provided with a snack and are able to sit and relax, socialize or finish a homework assignment.

After School

Students will receive a snack upon arrival.  Once snack is completed, we have an assigned teacher to monitor and assist the students as they begin and finish their homework assignments. Once homework is finished, the students will have free time to play and relax in a specific area created for our school age children

Please note: When you enroll your child in our School Age Program, we will ask what you prefer your child to do after school.  The homework assistance program is only an opportunity.  It is not required.

Middletown Christian Students

Any child attending Middletown Christian will be escorted to the school each morning and escorted back each afternoon.

Public and Private School Students

If you child attends another school and rides a bus, please check with your school district’s transportation office for pick-up / drop off information.

When your child’s school is closed because of in-service days, weather or holidays, we do offer our School Age Program all day.  (Based on availability) This all day program provides a morning snack, a lunch, and an afternoon snack for your child.