February 22, 2018

Age Three Program

We have three main goals for our three year old children. First, they will be learning cooperation. This will be done through play with other students and listening and obeying their teacher.  Secondly, they will begin to develop self confidence. This self confidence will develop as the child begins to successfully follow directions, master basic cognitive and motor skill concepts, control their emotions, and create friendships.  Finally, our curriculum supports the child’s developing abilities and allows for the mastering of counting, letter recognition, understanding the difference between letters and numbers and being able to use and hold scissors, crayons and pencils correctly.

Finally, we encourage memory work.  Every other week our teacher will introduce a shortened and manageable Bible verse for you child learn and master.

Please remember a child will be more successful with active parent participation.  Therefore, we look forward to creating a team with you to help us teach your child.