February 22, 2018

Age Four Program









It is during this very important preparation time that your child will strengthen their self management and communication skills.  A focus on using words and not actions is stressed.  Also, your child will be learning phonics, phonic blends and some simple sight words.  These phonic lessons will prepare your child with the knowledge and self confidence to begin reading.  Our goal by the end of this year is for your child to recognize all their letters and sounds, 10 colors, 6 shapes, and the numbers 0-50.  From memory your child should know their address, birth date, phone number and several modified Bible memory verses.  Finally, your child will be working on developing their fine motor skills and knowledge to zip zippers and to tie their shoes.

Please remember a child will be more successful with active parent participation.  Therefore, we look forward to creating a team with you to help us teach your child.