June 9, 2017

Mrs. Cara

Dear Parents:

Cara Hoffman

Teaching is an absolute passion of mine!  I am so excited to work with you and your child! It’s going to be a year full of fun, learning, growth and lots of adventures! I thought you might want to know a little bit about me.

I am married to my goofy husband Randy.  We do not have any children of our own, but always have one of our 14 nieces and nephews ranging from 14 to 2 hanging out at our house. I have one older sister and two older brothers.  We have a cat (Houdini) and a dog (Burton Guster).  In my free time I am very involved in my church, Buckeye Baptist, as a Sunday school teacher, worship leader and children’s church leader.

I have been in preschool for 9 years and it is the perfect fit for me.  I love to be around children of all ages.  It is my personal mission to let each child know exactly how loved and cared for they are in my classroom.   I have been with Middletown Christian ELC for 2 years and I am finding a deeper love here with each passing moment.

I believe communication is key in helping your child grow.  Feel free to contact me anytime through my MCS email account which I check daily.  The email address is choffman@mcseagles.net.  If you have any questions or concerns I am always happy to help in any way possible.  You can find our bi-monthly newsletter on the ELC website located http://preschool.mcseagles.net/.  Just go to the early 3’s section and look under Ms Cara.  The newsletter will contain our goals and special events that will be coming up.



Miss Cara’s June Newsletter