February 22, 2018

About Us

Middletown Christian Early Learning Center is honored to participate in the early developmental years of your child because we believe the three main foundational influences in the lives’ of children are church, home, and school. Our goal is to create an environment which will support and expand on the lessons your child is being taught at church and at home. Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and we are excited to partner with you in this process!

Our curriculum is based on the foundational biblical truths which will help your child develop Christian character and values, such as God’s love for us and our love for God and each other.  The curriculum is developmentally appropriate and presented in an interactive manner which will allow your child to experience and learn multiple concepts.  Our learning environment is dynamic, safe, and nurturing allowing every child to take the chance to learn and experience.  Finally, at the end of this developmental stage we hope you, your family, and especially your child has learned more about God and His love and experienced some of His love and greatness by and through our actions.

Learning is a wonderful and exciting process.  Our teachers are the essential elements to the learning process.  They create, develop and instruct your child through each new discovery and concept.  Also, and most importantly, they create a relationship with their students.   Through this relationship they are able to demonstrate God’s love, strengthen a child’s abilities, and motivate a child to develop and reach their fullest potential.

The curriculum at Middletown Christian Early Learning Center is carefully planned to provide opportunities that show God’s love for your child, inspire your child to learn, and create memorable experiences your child will use throughout their educational process.